12 DIY Ideas by Using Old Kitchen Items

2.Pencil holder

2.Pencil holder

They say, ‘Old is Gold’. Where do you damp your old kitchen stuffs? Do you throw them? No, no, no… let me show what you can do with them and spice up your house because you will now see there are other ways to utilize the old stuffs.

Can Fountain

Create a beautiful and fascinating fountain using old kettles and cans as on the picture. Make sure each kettle pours its water into the next kettle. You may also paint the cans or leave them plane as on the picture. The fountain could be just a decoration, water pouring to stones or can be a perfect watering system from your tap to your garden.

Pencil Holder

That grater you use for your veggies; has it gone rusty? Perfect, you don’t just throw it. Make something out of it. As the picture suggests, this can be turned to color pencil holders or any other stationeries you have.


Using the old rollers, remove one handle and pin the rest of it an old wooden bar and hang it on the wall. This can be your kitchen towel place or anything hangable.

Earrings Organizer

Again, you can use your grater to hang your long earrings. It actually has more space earrings because of its numerous holes.

Hanging Glass

This requires your Champaign glasses or any glass bottle. Cut off the base for a glass while for a bottle, you’ll go further till half way. Hold and hang it on the roof with some thick chains. Oooh, how beautiful? It costs nothing yet worthies a million.

Thread Organizer

Your cooking oil filter kit can be a good organizer for your threads so it won’t stress you up with tangling. Nail them on the wall and put the threads you often use and insert the its end through the small pipe so it exists out where you will access it anytime you need it.

Mug Lights

Hang the lights with the old mugs in your kitchen. This is also stylish and affordable.

Tea Cups Light

Set off your tea cups; hang them upside down with bulbs in the cup. Mixture of designs on cups will do.

Bowl and Pan Lights

Is your wall too plane? Boring huh? Well, let’s make it interesting to look at without any expense.  Take your steel bowls and pans; puncture the holes in whichever the design you prefer. Attach them to the wall with LED lights in them and light up your world.

Bowl lights décor

Same bowls you can use to hang the bulbs and still looks stylish on how it illuminates the ceiling board with bowl shadow.

Ice block Tray Organizer

For your small stuffs like buttons, pins, tape measure, pins and other like them can be well organized in the tray.

Garden designs by tea cups

Set of your tea cup and saucer can color up your garden

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