12 Cheap and Creative DIY Wall Decoration Ideas

12 Cheap and Creative DIY Wall Decoration Ideas 3

12 Cheap and Creative DIY Wall Decoration Ideas 3

Take your time in finding the best décor for your wall. If this is your first time—take the moments necessary to plan your design and choose the right colors. Cut once but measure thrice. The wall will reflect your personality and creativity. Here are some simple and affordable ideas to create the vibe that you have missed for so long. Square papers can be folded into diamonds, color-code-painted and glued into rows and columns on canvas to give a 3D look.

It will appear like something out of a movie. If you have got a steady hand and some patience—an artistic octopus can easily be painted into the corner between the ceiling and the wall. Bicycle seats can make give your living room the feeling that it is ready to take part in a cycling competition across the French Alps. Handle bars can be mounted on the hanging seats which make them seem like antlers. The endlessness of your creativity is only limited by your desire.


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