11 Simple But Amazing Life Hacks

11 Simple But Amazing Life Hacks 8

11 Simple But Amazing Life Hacks 8

Here are some life changing life hacks that we all need but never thought we did.

1.Ladies you are going to love this one. Here is how you can store your shoes and save more space.

2.No need to be stretching those sweaters, we know how expensive they can get. Here is how you can hang you sweater and avoid stretching it.

3.If you want to use a wine bottle as a vase here is how you can cut it. Wrap a string around the bottle and tie it.

4.We know bathrooms can have such limited storage space especially on student accommodations. Add a second rod to help store some of your bathing essentials and conserve space.

5.Simple but kind of useful and prevents you from having to have a whole shelve for your sprays.

6.Your sink is constantly blocked and smell bad? Well we have a solution. Run down some hot water with a couple of lemons in the sink to leave it clean and smelling fresh.

7.Most of us struggle with keeping our tooth brush away from touching surfaces and being contaminated. Here is how you can use simple clothing pegs as toothbrush stands.

8.When away on business here is how you can keep your shoes from dirtying your clothes in the suitcase. Put the shoes in the shower cap offered to you at hotels after your stay.

9.No need to invest in a shoe rack. You can just be creative and resourceful and look for one of these.

10.Find a plastic hanger and have your cord coiled on it to avoid unnecessary and annoying tangling that could take hours to untangle.

11.For wine lovers, we know that ice waters down white wine but it is essential to have the wine chilled especially in summer. You can use frozen white grapes instead of ice.

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