11 Creative and Clever Space Saving Ideas

11 Creative and Clever Space Saving Ideas 1

11 Creative and Clever Space Saving Ideas 1

It is cool to keep in mind that space can be turned into something creative for the whole household. There are so many ideas to implement but not a lot of action to make them come true so let’s browse through some ideas that can change your space.

1.Have a storage space for all those games that are always lying around on the floor and other places. Let it be a bundle of storage so you can keep as much games as you can. Don’t ignore any customization. Put it all in one place so it is easy to find and to use anytime you want.

2.An over sink cutting board can be useful. No stress when cutting food into pieces. You will have enough space to do what you want.

3.Under cabinet drawers are brilliant. Use that empty space under the drawers for storage space to keep things which cannot often be used.

4.A magnetic spice jar is also another good idea. Store spices inside and use magnetic jars. It will save plenty space in the cupboard.

5.For a double sized hanger for clothes, it can always be handful. Just make more hangers which can be used in the cupboard from using inexpensive tabs for cans.

6.Under storage for beds is simple and straight forward. Use clever space under the bed with keeping clothes and bags etc., Most of all try to store them things that you don’t always remove often.

7.Shower hooks are every day simplicity. It doesn’t require so much effort. Keep some bathroom space by making the shower hooks to be able to hang towels etc.

8.Save the dining area for a table. But don’t go for a big table. Just use the one you already have. Keep your tiny dining space for using a drawer type table for dining which you can use anytime you want.

9.For organized toiletries, it can look different depending on what you use for design. Good arrangement of toiletries can bring extra space in the bathroom. For that use any of the not used pods that are plastic and put them on the shelves of toilets or cabinets so as to keep organized toiletries.

10.Have some storage under the stairs. It works. Have clever use of any empty area below the stairs by adding drawers.

11.Door cupboards are easy to maintained. Bring extra cool shelves to any door and then save area which you can occupy with cupboards.

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