11 Crazy DIY Lights to Decorate Your Room

2. Tin Can Lanterns

2. Tin Can Lanterns

11 Crazy DIY Lights to Decorate Your Room

We all use lights. But here are simple additional ideas to make your lights more attractive and interesting to witch on. They completely change the atmosphere of the room. Let’s begin.

Fancy Colorful String Lights.

All you need is mob podge, cheesecloth, fabric dye, bulbs, a strand of café and an imagination.

Do not worry; the bulbs don’t reach high enough temperatures for cloth to catch fire. Try it out and bask in the rainbow-hued glow of your beautiful string lights.

Tin Can Lanterns.

Create your own winter décor. Don’t spend all of your money to light your way into new year. Discover your creative side with this easy DIY project.

Take any tin cans, peal the labels and wash them. Take a marker, draw the designs you will want on them. I prefer pocket dots, but you can draw any other thing. Use a drill to make the holes around and at the base. Spray some color or paint the tin. Add the bulb. If you’ll use real lights, pour some sand first to add a little weight and to avoid the tin from getting too hot since it is metal. The wire will exit from the lead which will be at the bottom while the tin base facing upwards. Otherwise, you can use T-bulbs, portable lights using battery.

Paper Cups Light

Take a bunch of the paper cups with no or less paint, so the light can go through. Mark the base with a little cross and use a razor or knife to puncture the bottom of the cup accordingly. Insert the string lights, hang, light and celebrate.

Flower Lights

You need fairy lights, circular shaped papers, scissors and cupcake liners.

First take a cupcake liner then gently press it till it’s flat on the surface. Fold it into half. Keep on folding it until you achieve the sharp angle as on the picture. Then use the scissor, cut the edges into two curves. Open it up. Take another colored cup cake liner and repeat the same procedure but with a different cutting designs. This will be your one set. Make many more other sets of different color and cutting design. Make an incision and insert the string lights, hang, light and celebrate.

Glitter Lamp

This project is actually very simple but very messy. You’ll need a mod podge, glitter, foam brush and a lamp. Mix some glitter into your mod podge, paint it on the lamp with a foam brush. Sprinkle the glitter and wait about 20-30 minutes before you apply a second layer of glitter. Wait 3-4 hour for the lamp to fully dry before using it.

Letter Light

You can make this using wood or cardboard. Cut it into the letter you want. Then paint your letter (preferably white). Wait for the paint to dry. Make holes and fix the lights through the holes. You may also start by making the holes then paint after.

Photo Wall String Light

This one is actually easy. Just spreading out the string light in diagonal lines or whichever pattern you may like then hang your photos nicely leaving equal space between them.

Pineapple Lampshade

Making a chandelier spoon lamp to become a table pineapple lampshade. How to do it? Take your reasonable number of plastic spoons, cut off the handle leaving a smaller part. Paint the base of the spoon with yellow paint and let them dry. Take a colorless water bottle of around 5 liters, make a round hole on its base and cut out the top part. Paint its top part in green and design the pineapple leaves out of it. Start puncturing the spoon ends into the bottle from top to bottom. Take the light, LED lights the better then insert through the leaves and cover the leaves top and light it up.

Multicolored ping pong ball light

Take your ping pang balls, make triangular holes in them, start adding them to the lights and light them up. There you get a multicolored string light. You can hang them on your wall.


You need a can of spray paint primer, small screw driver and Lamp. Lay down magazines to protect your working area, unscrew the lamp, and cover the wires to protect them from spray paint. Spray the whole lamp and wait till it dries before you screw it back again and light up your desk.

Star Light.

Also you may buy star lights for your wall and they look perfect, especially in this holiday season.

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