11 Brilliant DIY Ideas To Revamp Your Bedroom

11 Brilliant DIY Ideas To Revamp Your Bedroom 2

11 Brilliant DIY Ideas To Revamp Your Bedroom 2

The bedroom is one of the most precious spaces of the home. This is where you retire to after a long day and where you run to when life gets a bit hectic. There it is vital that your bedroom is homey and good enough looking for you to look forward to your nights. Here are some inexpensive ways to revamp your bedroom.

1.Let your creative juices run with this pipe bed. Not only is this inexpensive but it is modern and stylish. This here is the epitome of industrial design in cooperated into home décor.

2.Go out to old buildings and dumping sites to find salvaged wood. Using salvaged wood as your headboard is an amazing look! It is rustic and modern. Something fresh and uncommon.

3.Create a bed frame from wooden pallets that usually won’t cost you a cent. All you have to do is find warehouses that would offer them free. Their garbage will be your priced possession.

4.Nightstands are expensive that’s right, well not if you follow our advice and create your own from concrete building blocks. This will give you a modern feel to your room. It usually works best with a simple white décor.

5.Art work will cost you an arm and leg. No need to have bare walls because of finances.  Create a photo display on your wall. This is cute and also personal as this is your memory time line.

6.Still on wall art you can also achieve a great look on your wall by using masking tape to decorate on you wall. Let your mind run away with you as you choose and play around with patterns and different colors of your choice.

7.Find some wooden crates because they have just gotten useful for you. When doing this you can paint the crate in any color that you like.

8.Hand string lights will bring some brightness into your home and you can have them in any color so you control the type of lighting in your bedroom. So cute.

9.Old window shatters will work best as a headboard for you. Have it painted in any color of your choice to bring out the best in your bedroom décor.

10.Storage is always a no1 issue when it comes to interior design. Here is how you can have some space to have your things kept safe but also still keeping in modern and impressive.

11.Take yourself on a fairytale trip with this magnificent lighting that will have you lost in your thoughts every now and then.

There you go. Decorating your bedroom does not have to cost you an arm and leg. Have fun pulling off these amazing ideas!

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