10 Pebbles DIY Ideas

10 Pebbles DIY ideas Image 3

10 Pebbles DIY ideas Image 3

It’s finally spring in Europe, renovating to accommodate the wonderful weather is necessary. Luckily, home outdoor and interior décor has become easy and affordable for most through several DIY creative ideas. Today sophistication and elegance in home décor comes from working with elements of nature to enhance your home and give it a more natural and earthy feel. River rocks are smooth beautiful stones that have become an inexpensive element of both indoor and outdoor decorations. Here are some exciting modern and sophisticated ways of using pebbles to enhance your home look for close to nothing financially.

Why have an ordinary mat when you can have something natural and earthy? Pebbles put together can create a beautiful spa like DIY mat. The smooth feel of the river rocks also adds to a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, something everyone is trying to achieve with their bath space.

Pebbles also make for great knobs on doors and drawers. Here you can use even diamond looking rough river stones to channel that cheap but dramatic feel to your finishes.

Are you finding it difficult to find inexpensive but elegant center pieces that are noticeable on your tables and other flat surfaces? Consider succulents on a flat glass platter or glasses vases toppled with organic plants to brighten up your home on a good sunny day.

If you are all for the romantic mood then perhaps you might want to in cooperate pebbles into your candle display! It’s as easy as placing different kinds and shapes of pebbles in a mini case before placing the candle on the top.

Pebbles also cater for outdoor decorations. Consider a mosaic flower pot for your garden covered with various pebbles to bring in a different feel to your landscaping.

Front yard or front door decorations are meant to be minimalistic yet intriguing and beautiful. One can consider rock sacking or rock balancing with the help of a chicken wire to put everything in place.

Pebbles covering the top of a big beautiful outdoor vase with a plant in the middle. Become even more creative and economical and use wooden boxes for vases.

To achieve another spa like feel consider a shower with tiled pebbles. It brings the feel of nature into one’s shower which is relaxing.

Pebbles also make for great placemats and trivets. This is not only inexpensive but it is effective on protecting your table from hot plates.

Are you an art lover? Consider putting your creative skills to work by painting on the stones and making them even more precious.

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