10 DIY Projects For Chicken Nesting Containers

10 DIY Projects For Chicken Nesting Containers 2

10 DIY Projects For Chicken Nesting Containers 2

10 DIY Projects For Chicken Nesting Containers

1.Why not give your chickens a secure and pleasant area to lay eggs with these DIY projects for chicken nesting containers. Simply with materials laying around in your own home you can spend less making these nesting containers.


2.Wooden Drum Nesting Container; All it takes is 10 minutes of your time to make this container using half of a wooden wine drum and board.

3.Use Big Plastic Basins As Nesting Containers; These containers are clean, long lasting and inexpensive! To ensure they don’t topple over, simply secure them with wooden screws.

4.20 Litre Bucket Nesting Container; Your chickens will enjoy the shape of this nesting container plus it is very easy to make.

5.Triple Nesting Container; Spend just a day making this triple nesting container which incorporates 3 divided nesting stations with an easier way of collecting eggs.

6.Single Nesting Container; Quickly construct a nesting container out of wooden board, cedar fence pickets and few scraps.

7.Plastic Milk Crate Nesting Containers; Make great nesting containers with milk crates lying around your house, this is could cost you absolutely nothing!

8.Good Use of a Cat Litter as Nesting Containers; This is a durable and easy to clean container as it is the perfect size for your chickens also not heavy and portable as well.

9.Create Nesting Containers Using Old Plate Pans; Readymade nesting boxes are not cheap so simply make your own DIY style and save your money; just use a better quality plastic to make sure it lasts longer and can hold off the chickens when they jump in and out. Make sure you soften the edges after cutting them as this will protect your chickens.

10.Reuse An Old Cabinet As A Nesting Container; Great DIY idea for your old cabinet to have a second chance at life.

11.Reuse Old Tires As Nesting Containers; After splitting them in half make two levels, the shape is perfect for the chickens to nest in.

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