10 DIY Great Ways to Upgrade Bathroom

10 DIY Great Ways to Upgrade Bathroom 5

10 DIY Great Ways to Upgrade Bathroom 5

Dirty business is done here many times a day–usually by several people. The wonderful news is that it can still be a wonderful place to refresh yourself. In short order, you will find some great ideas to refresh your bathroom. Take a hot steam bath in that historic bathtub which stands on cast-iron lion paws. If it is a bit red or running with rust, but is still sound then it can be painted with special bathtub paint.

Be sure to use an approved respirator and gloves—don’t keep the window closed while the magic is happening. Let that tub dry for the required amount of time. If it’s too worn out for simple painting then you might want pick up a pre-used historic tub at your local antique warehouse. Match those colors—with your taste—maybe it will be a lot of white on white, maybe some cream color would do well to offset a heavy glare—it’s all up to you! Be sure to follow all local codes and regulations about restoration or upgrades. If you have some extended time to invest in your bathroom—you can do bright multiple zebra stripes on the upper portion of the wall. It must be done very carefully with lots of love and patience. Enjoy your new bathroom.

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