10 creative idea for the wedding

10 creative idea for the wedding 10

10 creative idea for the wedding 10

Diy wedding projects has become a new hobby area and began to take more place in our live. if you want to have a unique wedding that 10 creative idea for the wedding for you. Absolutely take a look…


1.Personalized stamp

At each step of your wedding organization for create personalized cards there is no need to push many cards separately. Buy a stamp which is consisting of your and your spouse initials , wedding date. You can personalized your invitations and table cards with this stamp and send them to guests.

2.Vintage vases, cups and bowls

Using of any vintage goods will immediately add an authentic atmosphere to wedding venue

3.Hearts from paper.

Get a big heart-shaped punch from stationary and make heart-shaped ornaments.

4. Multi-purpose glass jars

Glass jars can be used as a multi-purpose for wedding decoration. Write the stickers : your names and wedding date and paste them on the jars. Also you can decorate it with ribbons.

5.Table numbers and placement cards

İf you organize such an enumeration, your guests can find own seats easily

6.Fabric flowers instead of real flowers

Your guest will love colorful fabric flowers they looks so chic on the wedding tables

7.Choose your font

Different fonts which can be downloaded free from internet can be used in wedding invitations and organization.You can design table cards etc. much more creative and cute.

8.Create a candy bar

One of the simplest way to to make your wedding guests happy is create a colorful candy bay

9.The touch of lace

Using lace in your wedding decoration can add a nostalgic atmosphere much more.

10.Wedding cupcakes

You can to place tiny frames on the cupcakes and write sweet messages. Your guest will enjoy with these cupcakes.

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