10 Amazingly Creative DIYs for you Patio

9. Bar Patio

9. Bar Patio

Patios are absolutely a must have especially when summer time comes. In summer, there is possibly going to be quite a lot of days when you want to just go and sit outside under some shade because the heat is getting intense and the air getting stuffy indoors. When such a day comes, you could simply walk out of your house and sit and relax and get some fresh air whilst you sit on your patio. You can choose to have your patio positioned in unique place, and it is all up to you! Here are some ideas for your patio.

Deck Patio

This patio is one way or the other designed to look like a deck on a boat. The patio has a barrier for safety. The patio is placed not far from the house. This is an advantage because you can easily get what you want from indoors and walk back out to sit not far from the house. You can choose to add a big and wide umbrella to the patio, so to create some shade.

Under Tree Patio

This is quite a unique patio. It’s not every time that you a patio placed under a tree. The advantage with this patio is that you get to enjoy natural shade that will be provided by the trees. You can choose to lie on the patio with some cushions for comfort, or you can place chairs on it.

Classic Tree Patio

This patio is also placed under a tree; the difference is that this patio is more or less an extension of your veranda. There is little space between the patio and the veranda. This means you are not far from the house, in case you need something from the house. This patio also has an all closed barrier, on this barrier you can choose add small shelves to serve as tables.

Unique Patio Hut

For this patio, everything about it is different and quite unique. The shape of the patio is a great statement on its own, and then the semi walls and roof added create an amazing patio. This patio can be joined to your house so that it looks like a veranda as well.

Raft Patio

If you stay close to a water body, then this patio would e perfect for you. It serves as both a raft and a patio. You can enjoy yourself as you float on the water body and remain dry. Add some oars for the raft patio so that you can easy get in the water and back on shore.

Swimming Pool Patio

This patio can be built around a portable swimming pool. This will provide a place to lie down when people are using the pool. It is a lovely idea for those times you need to bask in the sun after a dip in the pool.

Different Shade

You can choose to use any shade of wood for your patio. You can choose to use the lighter colored or the dark colored wood, either ways your patio will still look fantastic!

Along the House Patio

This patio is a build along the outside walls of your house. This way, you can choose to sit on any side of the house that you want to. This idea is unique and helpful.

Bar Patio

This patio is built to resemble a bar. It has the bar top and the stools around the top. This patio is best used when you have a gathering of family, friends or any other people really. This will mean less furniture coming out from the house to cater for occasions.

Veranda Patio

This patio is an extension to your veranda. You can choose to make the edges of the patio stylish by putting pebbles and rocks. This will make not only the patio, but also the yard to look lovely.

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